CSSC's services are in high demand because we consistently deliver results that exceed our customer’s expectations.  This achievement is a direct result of our team and our workplace culture. Our entire staff is committed to delivering highly successful projects for our customers.

Contact CSSC if you endure these common struggles and challenges:

  • Inadequate funding to address project scopes and desired deliverables

  • Failure to keep promises and meet milestone objectives

  • Inability to meet project and acquisition requirements

  • Insufficient time to take a project from start to finish

  • Lack of respect, courtesy or proper communication

  • Neglected maintenance of a tidy, clean project site

  • Poor quality in craftsmanship or administration

  • Doubting commitments and ability to perform

  • Deficiencies with safety on the project site

  • Overwhelmed with Change Order requests

  • Scarce resources to assign to project roles

  • Inability to meet regulatory requirements

  • Disappointing or non-timely performance

  • Uncertainty about ethics or honesty

We are enthusiastic to provide solutions for the challenges our customers endure!

With offices in New York and Florida, our work traverses the United States, from the East Coast to the West.  Past project sites include Pennsylvania, California, West Virginia, Utah, Maryland, Colorado and Hawaii.  Our highly mobile workforce travels as required to properly service our valued customers.

Our mission statement appears below.  Whether you are renovating commercial, industrial, military, medical, educational or other space, contact us today - our team of professionals will generate solutions specific to your project.

Our Mission

"To safely provide full construction services while enabling our customers to remain focused on their own business goals."